AP 2D Design Concentration 
Above you can take a look at the 12 pieces that make up my high school AP Art concentration. At the time that I made it, I was faced with a lot of big decisions: what should I be when I grow up? Which of my many passions should I pursue? I was stuck at the crossroads between choosing a career in art or medicine/psychology: two things I am very passionate about. I decided to use these big decisions to my benefit and combine them into my concentration. ​
I used my passion for art to create 12 multi-media pieces that focus on how your emotions physically affect your heart. I teamed up with my AP Bio teacher and was able to photograph a real pig's heart which can seen in a couple of the pieces. Each piece is its own entity that makes up the whole image of an anatomical heart. Each painting represents a different emotion. From left to right: joy, stress, anxiety, tranquility, depression, despair, envy, anger, passion, fear, heartbreak and euphoria. 
Take a look at some more of my artwork from the past few years...
These 6 pieces were made for #Inktober2019. Inktober is a design exercise with drawing prompts for each day of October. As I'm sure everyone is familiar with, life happened and I got a little too busy to finish the entire month. However, these were some of my favorites that came out of the exercise. Their prompts are as follows (left to right): enchanted, ring, mindless, freeze, bait, and fragile. 
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